Researching Ecosystem Resilience

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Curriculum Vitae

Knowing how terrestrial ecosystems are and how they work is the force that drives me to investigate every day.
Transmitting my knowledge is what makes me love my teaching profession deeply.
Thank you Nature for offering me such a valuable means of study.
My responsibility is to learn and teach how to conserve it....


Academic and Teaching Education

Bachelor of Biological Sciences (Environmental)
Universidad de León, June 1987

Research Master in Biological Sciences
Universidad de León, June 1989
Regeneration of vegetation in scrub communities and in oak groves of Quercus pyrenaica
PhD Estanislao de Luis Calabuig and PhD Reyes Tárrega García- Mares

PhD in Biological Sciences
Universidad de León, February 1993
Regeneration of plant communities at the climax of Quercus pyrenaica after the effect of human intervention or degrading processes. Special analysis of scrub communities
PhD Estanislao de Luis Calabuig and PhD Reyes Tárrega García- Mares

Full Professor in Ecology
Universidad de León. December 2020

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Effects of nitrogen abandonment and deposition on wet mountain heaths

Space-temporary changes to Calluna vulgaris heath systems in the Cantabrian Mountain Range.

Terrestrial Ecosystems. Effects of controlled and short burns on scrub ecosystems

How to manage these scrub ecosystems to conserve their biodiversity and ecosystem services?

Effects of wildfires on fire-prone ecosystems

Influence of the time of year at which the fire occurs.


35 research projects.

  • 5 international
  • 10 national (2 coor-IP)
  • 13 regional (4 IP)
  • 7 local (3 IP).


Teaching history

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  • Teaching Activity in Postgraduates or Masters
  • Teaching Activity in 3rd Cycle (Doctorate)
  • Another Teaching Activity.
  • Teaching Innovation Activities

Researching Ecosystem Resilience


Leonor Calvo

Área de Ecología Dpto.
Biodiversidad y Gestión Ambiental
Fac. Ciencias Biológicas y Ambientales Universidad de León

Campus de Vegazana.
24071 León. Spain

+34 987 291 567

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